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The Woman Who Wrote In Green Ink and Shifting Horizons

The Woman Who Wrote In Green Ink and Shifting Horizons

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Jan Dickerson
The woman who wrote in green ink

Loved this couldn't wait to get to end.

The Woman Who Wrote In Green Ink

A voice from the past causes Amber's world to spiral out of control

All Amber wants is to find her twin brother, Peter. She hasn’t seen him since their mother’s death, twenty-five years ago. Her resolve to embark on this quest wavers when it causes tensions within the family, and reluctantly yielding to pressure from her father and husband, Amber decides to focus instead on the story contained within a set of exercise books which she has come across in an antiques and collectibles centre, the green writing reawakening her journalist’s instinct for a good story.
As the green-ink story takes a darker turn, Amber is determined to find the truth about what happened to the green-ink writer. Her search takes her to places she could never have imagined as she is forced to confront her own past, her belief in the importance of justice, and how it squares with her conscience and the need to protect her family. She is supported along the way by her coworkers at the charity shop, an unlikely group who always have her back.
How far will Amber go to find the truth and see justice done? What will she be prepared to sacrifice? If she finds Peter, what will he be like after all these years?

"I really enjoyed this book. It has a good storyline with in-depth characters. It is well written, better in fact than some of the books I've recently read by established authors. I would definitely recommend this book." Love Reading Indie Authors We Love award

"An impressive, well put together read... at times heart warming, sometimes heartbreaking, and at it's heart, compassion and empathy for a woman from the past, represented only by words on a page." Lindsey's Literary Leanings

"Wow! I loved every minute of this book. So many twists and turns, so many emotions- it was fantastic! I highly recommend, and I will definitely read more from this author!"

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Shifting Horizons

Stories of lives lived and journeys taken

The tales in the Shifting Horizons anthology of short stories and flash fiction feature a doomed wedding, the wrong funeral, various escape plans, a murder or two, a ghost and several inspiring gardens. Assorted characters journey into the emotional unknown taking the reader along for the, sometimes perilous, ride. Buckle up!

“I couldn’t put it down. Such intriguing stories!”

“I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and hope to read more from this talented author.”

“This is an absolutely delightful book of short stories with a range of themes and characters.”

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