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Shifting Horizons paperback

Shifting Horizons paperback

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“I couldn’t put it down. Such intriguing stories!”

“I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and hope to read more from this talented author.”

“This is an absolutely delightful book of short stories with a range of themes and characters.”

Shifting Horizons is a fine collection of short stories each one being written with skill and originality. The characters in each story are given unique, very believable with relatable voices, and the stories are all fulfilling.
The stories range from the humorous to the creepy, from the mundane to the thought-provoking and sensitive, and each one is a great read. What I particularly enjoyed is the way in which the author leaves room in many of the stories for the reader to use their own imagination and, as such, it becomes easy to visualise the scenes that she paints.” 

Stories of lives lived and journeys taken

The tales in the Shifting Horizons anthology of short stories and flash fiction feature a doomed wedding, the wrong funeral, various escape plans, a murder or two, a ghost and several inspiring gardens. Assorted characters journey into the emotional unknown taking the reader along for the, sometimes perilous, ride. Buckle up!

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