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From Manchester To The Arctic EBook

From Manchester To The Arctic EBook

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A fascinating trip to the Canadian Arctic

This story brings you on a fascinating trip to the Canadian Arctic, showing you what life was like for the Inuit people in the 1970s. It talks about how the Inuit were sometimes treated badly and the problems they faced when dealing with Westerners.

It's like stumbling into someone's diary

From Manchester to the Arctic" by Sheena Billett isn't just a book; it's like stumbling into someone's life diary and realizing halfway through that you can't put it down. The story follows Connie Sanders, a young nurse in the 1970s, who, after a heart-wrenching romantic encounter, finds herself in the Canadian Arctic. It's less of a geographical journey and more of a personal odyssey - from heartbreak in Manchester to healing in the icy wilderness.

A heartwarming coming of age novel

From Manchester to the Arctic is a heartwarming, coming of age novel about Connie Sanders, a nurse who decides to bravely embark on a journey to the Arctic. The story follows Connie as she faces the challenges in a harsh and remote environment, within a close-knit community.

Janalyn Prude
I had to get my hands on another book by Sheena Billett

After reading The Girl Who Wrote In Green Ink, I had to get my hands on another book by Sheena Billet in the story of Nurse Connie did the trick. It is a semi autobiography and also a romance fiction written about her wife whose name isn’t Connie but Glenda and you can tell by the authentic feel of the narrative and her talent for making tents moments turn into happy ones thatt the author put a lot of thought into this book. Can I just say that Daisy was my favorite character she was so practical I loved her so much and highly recommend this book it is a total five star read in one any romance fan will be gaga over. Please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

Felina Pittman
Intriguing and captivating

The story captured the adventures of Connie Sanders in the Canadian Arctic and portrayed her coming of age progression as she took on the role of a nurse and provided medical support to the small Western settlement and Inuit community in a harsh and secluded environment. Initially running away from an unrequited love relationship and having originated from Manchester, England with hardly any experience at all, she had to deal with skepticism from Paul Archer, government administrator, opposition from Mrs. Brooks, wife of the vicar with regards to the upbringing of daughter Esther, fending off the roaming hands of Jim Briggs, Hudson Bay Co. manager and confronting the myriad challenges that come with Inuit cultural immersion. On top of that, Connie had to combat symptoms of homesickness and acclimate herself to the brutal weather conditions that is inherent in the North Pole. With the help of supportive friends Connie gradually hurdles the obstacles and becomes a more mature, stronger and better version of herself.


Nurse Sanders embarks on an adventure that will change her life

Impulsively, and despite being newly qualified, Connie accepts a nursing post in the Arctic. She naively thinks that distance will lessen the pain and humiliation of her failed romance with a manipulative senior nurse, Helen. Ever the romantic, Connie imagines herself as an intrepid adventurer venturing into a white, winter wonderland. Nothing could be further from the truth in 1970s Canadian Arctic. But eventually, Connie finds a beauty that is … something else.

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