Collection: From Manchester To The Arctic

What a breath of fresh air! This book is so many books encompassed into one, which I really loved. Drama, romance, adventure, and tension all in one story!”

I just loved this book, it was so well written and so descriptive of the extreme beauty and harshness of the Arctic that I almost felt I was there.”

I loved the characters and their diverse personalities. It was clear that they were all running from something, and I was curious about what brought each of them to this cold land.”

Impulsively, and despite being newly qualified, Connie accepts a nursing post in the Arctic. She naively thinks that distance will lessen the pain and humiliation of her failed romance with a manipulative senior nurse, Helen. Ever the romantic, Connie imagines herself as an intrepid adventurer venturing into a white, winter wonderland. Nothing could be further from the truth in 1970s Canadian Arctic. But eventually, Connie finds a beauty that is … something else. 

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